Author: Kristine Hoyt

Sixty-one words describing who I am: married, Austin, Sacramento Temple, sunlight, boogie-boarding, writer, Latter-day Saint, listening, chocolate, autumn leaves, Heavenly Father, exploring, house plants, ice cream, reading, meat and potatoes, Boston, adventure, Utah, hiking, Mormon, cultures, mountains, North Carolina, traveling, the sky, sand, peanut butter, Polaroid pictures, our wedding video, learning, Denver, warmth, American, wedding ring, decorating, photography, college, crisp leaves, return missionary, laughing, vacation, family. Kristine is a wife and mother. She blogs at

Revisit Your Memories

My earliest memory involved a parking garage and a pink rain jacket. I was somewhere between two and four years old, stomping and jumping in a puddle. The dirty water splattered all over my jacket and matching pink boots and a pink hat. I shrieked with excited laughter. I thought this was a dream until I discovered a photograph of …