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meaningful choices

3 Ways to Make More Meaningful Choices this Year

It’s a new year, and if you’re like me, it’s time to reflect on how our choices have changed us during the last twelve months. Time to evaluate our motivations to realign our purpose with our actions. What meaningful choices will you make in the new year? It is part

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growing pains

The Uncomfortable Truth about Growing Pains

As a child, I remember waking up in the middle of the night with growing pains — my legs would be aching with the most uncomfortable pain. Mom would give me a drink of milk, and tell me to go back to bed.  Sometimes, when it was awful, she would

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Blog 2

What is the One Thing Holding You Back

Have you ever considered what might be keeping you from accomplishing your biggest dreams and goals? What is the one thing holding you back? Here are a few clues. It’s has nothing to do with how smart or talented you are. Nothing to do with how much free time you

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Joy & Happiness

Blog 3

Do you Find Joy in your Journey?

We all face difficult times in our life. Sometimes it seems like it might just be easier to stop where we are, but life’s laws of gravity do not work that way. If we are not moving forward we start rolling backward.

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Faith & Family

Blog 5

The Place Which God for Us Prepared

  Life was lovely in Colorado.  My husband and I enjoyed four beautiful children, good neighbors, and fulfilling friendships.  We’d lived there for eight years, longer than either of us had lived anywhere.  Our older children didn’t remember living anyplace else — the younger hadn’t lived anywhere else. And yet,

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Tender Mercies in Our Daily Lives

Tender Mercies In Our Daily Lives

Sometimes tender mercies aren’t the first thing we notice when life seems to be going terribly wrong. I had just gotten home from an appointment when I received a terrifying phone call from the local Hospital. A nurse on the other end said, “We have your husband here. He was

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Mindset & Emotions

Blog 6

How to Navigate our Feelings and Emotional Balance

Emotions are powerful, and understanding how to navigate our feelings is one of the most useful things we can learn. Their influence over us is impressive, and when we recognize their driving power, we can leverage that knowledge to make the changes we want in ourselves and our lives. Thoughts

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Blog 7

To the Mom Who is Defined by Worry

I remember when my oldest was born, and I watched as he was laying in his crib. I felt so much love and worry all at the same time. I worried about his future and what it might in store for him — my instinct to protect him was so

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Blog 8

Decide to be Fearless: 4 Ways to Conquer Your Fears

One of the most memorable experiences I have of being fearless was also one of my greatest failures. I tried out to be a cheerleader in the spring of my 10th grade year of high school. Two of my good friends had been cheerleaders that year, and I had sat “alone” in the bleachers while they did their thing during games. At the time, I envied their cute uniforms and thought it would be fun if we were all cheering together.

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