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stop the procrastination and reclaim your life

Stop the Procrastination and Reclaim Your Life!

Isn’t it fascinating how good we are at procrastination when it comes to things with the promise of long-term happiness, and we’re terrible at putting off things that produce short-term satisfaction?  Tim Urban calls it the instant gratification monkey.  Sometimes instant gratification has a stronger pull than the long term

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meaningful choices

3 Ways to Make More Meaningful Choices this Year

It’s a new year, and if you’re like me, it’s time to reflect on how our choices have changed us during the last twelve months. Time to evaluate our motivations to realign our purpose with our actions. What meaningful choices will you make in the new year? It is part

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Joy & Happiness

How Cancer has Changed Us

How Cancer has Changed Us

My husband and I were sitting around a table at a wedding. We were among friends, and the conversation was jumping from one couple to another as we caught up with each other. Someone asked my husband “how is your son?” He gave a brief rundown, and I interjected with

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Blog 1

Do you Find Joy in your Journey?

We all face difficult times in our life. Sometimes it seems like it might just be easier to stop where we are, but life’s laws of gravity do not work that way. If we are not moving forward we start rolling backward.

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Faith & Family

We spent the first five years of our marriage in the typical transient state of many young couples — moving from one rental to the next for a little more space, graduate school, an internship. I eagerly looked forward to the day we could “put down roots” so to speak.  Everything from building lasting relationships to buying the perfect laundry baskets for a more permanent home seemed to be a semi-distant dream that was always just a little beyond our view.

Choosing God’s Path, Not Mine

Understanding and actually taking God’s path are sometimes the most difficult thing to do. We spent the first five years of our marriage in the typical transient state of many young couples — moving from one rental to the next for a little more space, graduate school, an internship. I

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Blog 3

Change, Faith, and Perseverance

Change and my faith have been two constants in the last decade and a half of my life. I think somewhere around our fifth move I felt good at applying the principle “bloom where you’re planted.” At the time, a lot had just wrapped up including an extended work assignment

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Blog 4

Small and Simple Ways to Grow Faith in Your Family

Wouldn’t it be great if we could see into the future and live today with the added benefit of our experience a few years down the line?  It would be so much easier to teach our families if we had the foresight to know what would work. It’s hard not to

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Mindset & Emotions

Bowl of spilt milk

How do You Respond to Your Circumstances?

It’s human to feel as if our circumstances are a part of our emotions —  something we often have no control over. Thinking along those lines can lead to all kinds of negative feelings like helplessness, anger, and guilt. The reality is you DO have control. You choose how you

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Blog 5

How Your Reluctance Might be a Barrier to Growth

Not many of us seek opportunities to be uncomfortable.  But maybe we should. I believe it is part of our self-preservation – put the blinders on to avoid taking a deep look at what might actually be holding us back. Have you ever considered how your reluctance might be a barrier

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