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growing pains

The Uncomfortable Truth about Growing Pains

As a child, I remember waking up in the middle of the night with growing pains — my legs would be aching with the most uncomfortable pain. Mom would give me a drink of milk, and tell me to go back to bed.  Sometimes, when it was awful, she would

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Joy & Happiness

Choosing Joy

The Wisdom in Choosing Joy

Is choosing joy a choice? How often have you encountered an unexpected situation and had to decide how you were going to react or respond? Where do you choose to focus? It was quiet.  Too quiet in fact. My daughter tended to silently sneak away and find “things” to create

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Blog 6

Health, Healing, and Happiness

Having been sick for over two weeks, I’ve realized that illness makes me appreciate my health. Just the simple act of breathing through my nose, or sleeping through the night is something I take for granted until I can’t do it.

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Faith & Family

Blog 8

Small and Simple Ways to Grow Faith in Your Family

Wouldn’t it be great if we could see into the future and live today with the added benefit of our experience a few years down the line?  It would be so much easier to teach our families if we had the foresight to know what would work. It’s hard not to

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friends are fiercely loyal

Be Fiercely Loyal

Loyalty. A fairly straightforward word, attribute, and characteristic. We expect it from those we are closest to, but how often do we contemplate our loyalty to our beliefs, values, and others.

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Mindset & Emotions

Bowl of spilt milk

How do You Respond to Your Circumstances?

It’s human to feel as if our circumstances are a part of our emotions —  something we often have no control over. Thinking along those lines can lead to all kinds of negative feelings like helplessness, anger, and guilt. The reality is you DO have control. You choose how you

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Blog 9

Simple Ways to Practice Gratitude More Effectively

Whether you believe gratitude to be a feeling, emotion, mood or some type of personality trait, there is no doubt gratitude elicits greater satisfaction and overall happiness. Science is even proving gratitude to be a great tool in overcoming depression and anxiety. The act of practicing gratitude regularly may mean

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