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Productivity & Goals

motivated by momentum

How to Build Momentum When You Feel Paralyzed

Have you ever felt totally paralyzed to the point you had no idea how to move? Stuck because you didn’t know how to build momentum to get things done? I have this crazy fear of heights and a husband who is a restless explorer. One time on a family trip

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Joy & Happiness

Blog 4

Do you Find Joy in your Journey?

We all face difficult times in our life. Sometimes it seems like it might just be easier to stop where we are, but life’s laws of gravity do not work that way. If we are not moving forward we start rolling backward.

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Choosing Joy

The Wisdom in Choosing Joy

Is choosing joy a choice? How often have you encountered an unexpected situation and had to decide how you were going to react or respond? Where do you choose to focus? It was quiet.  Too quiet in fact. My daughter tended to silently sneak away and find “things” to create

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Faith & Family

Blog 5

5 Life-Defining Moments that Have Changed Me

When you think of the phrase “life-defining moments,” what comes to mind? It might seem silly to think about, but I see it as a moment bringing meaning and purpose to my life. A memory or event giving me direction on this journey, where I often feel like I’m stumbling. 

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Peace and the Power of Stillness

Peace and The Power of Stillness

One beloved story from the New Testament profoundly teaches us about Peace and the power of stillness.  After a long day of teaching the people along the Galilee shore, the Savior and his dear disciples set sail to cross the sea. I’m sure He was exhausted when he found a

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Blog 6

How Photography Healed Me in the Storm

Life was good in March of 2003.  We finally got to bring our preemie baby girl home from the hospital to meet her brother and two sisters.  I was ready to leave the hospital behind and more than ready to get back to the normalcy of a stay at home

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Mindset & Emotions

negative thoughts

Weed Out Negative Thoughts and Replace with Positive Thoughts

Having a beautiful garden takes time and effort. We must cultivate the soil, plant the seeds we want to grow, and tend the garden by watering it and removing weeds that pop up. If a garden is not tended to, weeds will overtake the area. Every spring, I dream of having a beautiful garden. I have these elaborate plans in my

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Blog 7

4 Techniques for Developing a Positive Mindset

I was out on a bike ride with my husband. Tired and grumpy from training for an upcoming race, I was more negative than usual. My husband noticed I was having a hard time shaking it. He reminded me about how developing a positive mindset would help my riding. Too

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self-doubt and limiting beliefs

How to Crush Your Self-Doubt and Limiting Beliefs

I was listening to a podcast the other day where they talked about how self-doubt and limiting beliefs affect the way we show up in life. Limiting beliefs are created by the voice in our head — our thoughts. Because our brain is so quick to look for what might

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