Productivity & Goals

Redefining Success

How to Redefine Success Your Way

When our family was young, I felt like success was defined as picture-perfect. Nice, well-behaved children, a clean house, a husband who not only helps out but can read my mind. Has anyone else fallen for the same trap? Success isn’t about working to make everyone around you act a

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motivated by momentum

How to Build Momentum When You Feel Paralyzed

Have you ever felt totally paralyzed to the point you had no idea how to move? Stuck because you didn’t know how to build momentum to get things done? I have this crazy fear of heights and a husband who is a restless explorer. One time on a family trip

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meaningful choices

3 Ways to Make More Meaningful Choices this Year

It’s a new year, and if you’re like me, it’s time to reflect on how our choices have changed us during the last twelve months. Time to evaluate our motivations to realign our purpose with our actions. What meaningful choices will you make in the new year? It is part

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Joy & Happiness

Blog 4

Health, Healing, and Happiness

Having been sick for over two weeks, I’ve realized that illness makes me appreciate my health. Just the simple act of breathing through my nose, or sleeping through the night is something I take for granted until I can’t do it.

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Choosing Joy

The Wisdom in Choosing Joy

Is choosing joy a choice? How often have you encountered an unexpected situation and had to decide how you were going to react or respond? Where do you choose to focus? It was quiet.  Too quiet in fact. My daughter tended to silently sneak away and find “things” to create

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Happy Habits

7 Habits of the Happy

Happiness is often considered one of those ever elusive emotions. We seem to search for it as if it were some tangible object. The truth is, happiness is something we feel despite what might be going on in our life – it is a state of being independent of circumstance.

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Faith & Family

Tender Mercies in Our Daily Lives

Tender Mercies In Our Daily Lives

Sometimes tender mercies aren’t the first thing we notice when life seems to be going terribly wrong. I had just gotten home from an appointment when I received a terrifying phone call from the local Hospital. A nurse on the other end said, “We have your husband here. He was

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Blog 5

5 Life-Defining Moments that Have Changed Me

When you think of the phrase “life-defining moments,” what comes to mind? It might seem silly to think about, but I see it as a moment bringing meaning and purpose to my life. A memory or event giving me direction on this journey, where I often feel like I’m stumbling. 

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Blog 6

What I learned as I Muddled through Motherhood

As a parent, we’ve all felt inadequate at some point in time.  We muddle along in a half daze improvising and making do with what we know and have learned along the way.  Sometimes it feels as if we are making a bigger mess of things because there is no

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Mindset & Emotions

Silver lining of sun through clouds

The Way You Think Can Cloud Your Perspective

Early in the morning after a big rain storm, we set out on a road trip. The clouds were still churning and trying to determine if they had anything to leave behind. As we started over the mountain passes, I could see the sun struggling to make an appearance, and

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more courage can change your life

How Developing More Courage can Change your Life

We all feel fear. It is part of how we are hardwired. Our brains are designed to protect us from danger. To change we have to reprogram our brain by doing hard and difficult things. When we allow our fear to paralyze us from embracing life we miss out on things, events, and relationships that can bring us joy.

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