Have you ever seen the silver lining of a cloud first hand? On a recent road trip with my husband, I was able to witness the brilliance of the sun struggling to make an appearance around some stormy rain clouds. For years I had heard people speak metaphorically about searching for the silver lining, but never had I actually seen one.  In the after math of the storm, I couldn’t help but appreciate the beauty and rarity of something we refer to so often.

Soon after this road trip, I found myself in an airplane thousands of feet above similar storm clouds. My perspective was much different than when I was on the ground.  Rather than appearing to be a moving object, the sun was firm and unmoving as its light spread across the bumps and wisps of the clouds.

Photo Credit B. Wise
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Our perception and emotions originate from our thoughts.  When our thoughts tell our brain the clouds are moving, our brain interprets it to be true and then alters our perception. Have you ever caught your thoughts clouding your perception of a situation?

Join me over on Evolve! as I explore ways to keep your thoughts in line with a more accurate perspective.

How do you push your mind past your perceived obstacles?



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I’m a wife, mother, friend, and storyteller. I have a love for learning, giggling with my grandson and tandem biking with my husband. I believe wisdom goes beyond being smart or having basic knowledge. It is the culmination of experiences that help us become. While each of our challenges may be unique, we have the opportunity to choose how we will react, learn and grow. My journey has taught me that I don’t have all the answers, but I do have a voice to share what I’ve learned. Life can either teach us or defeat us – the choice is ours.

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6 thoughts on “How The Way You Think Can Cloud Your Perspective”

  1. I 100% agree with your post! If we think negatively, we will begin to perceive everything in a negative way. I try my best to clear my mind of any such thoughts to prevent misleading myself!

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