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Share Your Light

Each of us has a story. Something hard that has changed us for the better. In the process of choosing to allow change to grab hold of us, we gain a little more wisdom, a little more light. Your light may be built upon your faith, your determination, or your hope. The amazing thing about light is its power to grow stronger when we share it.  Sharing our stories helps light another’s path and together the journey seems not quite so dark and difficult.

Choosing Wisdom is about harnessing the power of light behind the stories in our lives. Learning from each other and choosing to rise above pain and disappointment for a happier more purposeful life. Our Wednesday’s Wisdom column is looking for contributors to share their light. Stories about life’s lessons, marriage, parenting, family, and faith are what Wednesday’s Wisdom is all about.   If you have a story with a valuable life lesson, we’d love to hear from you!

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Some details to remember:

  • Relatable story sharing a lesson learned, light gained, wisdom acquired
  • 900-word average length
  • Good headings and subheadings
  • Checked for grammar, spelling, and flow
  • Images – if applicable
  • Internal links to other content on Choosing Wisdom is always appreciated
  • Original content – not ever publically published

What to do next?

  • Fill out the form below
  • Be sure to include as many details as possible
  • Submit and wait to hear back from us
Share Your Light -Become a Contributor
Share Your Light -Become a Contributor