Good writing is about finding the right resources. My writing has caused me to spend countless hours doing extensive research.  I’ve searched for and studied related articles, posts, and books, and listened to podcasts, TED talks, and various speeches.  Some sources have come highly recommended by followers, and others have been little nuggets of information I’ve come across in my research.  I created this resource page to lead you directly to the source of my studies. Specific sources are linked within the individual post.  This list is a broad collection of my most common “Go To’s.”

For your convenience, I’ve included affiliate links to help you purchase a source you might be interested in. Affiliate links do provide a small commission to Choosing Wisdom but will not cost you anything additional.


Podcasts and TED Talks

Resources 1

My good friend Janeen Alley has an amazing Podcast called Vibrant Wellness for Busy Moms.  She teaches her listeners how to love themselves so they can get the best results when it comes to their mental and physical well being. She is a life coach, fitness guru, and yoga instructor with so much to share! You can catch her podcast every Tuesday.

Resources 2

Jody More considers herself a mind ninja.  Her expertise is in teaching our brains to conquer the challenges we face. She believes in mindset and redirecting our thoughts to make better choices.  She has a new podcast every Friday.

Resources 3

Shawn Anchor delivered a remarkable TED Talk about his research in the field of happiness. If you’ve not yet seen his talk give it a click. It is entertaining and is sure to teach you something new!

Resources 4

Brené Brown became a household name after her infamous TED talk in June of 2010 about vulnerability. If you haven’t heard it yet, set aside 30 minutes to listen to her first of many TED talks. It will change your way of thinking.


Resources 5

I originally found Thrive Global through Medium. Their mission is to help readers prioritize well-being, decision-making, creativity, and productivity by moving from merely surviving to “thriving.” They offer daily articles focusing on well-being, wisdom, wonder, and purpose. I find myself enlightened every time I read one of their posts.