Practicing Progress

We’ve all been there — stuck in the cycle of perfectionism until we feel plagued with indecision or paralyzed with the fear of getting it wrong.
No one wants to live like this, but how do you break the cycle and choose a better alternative?


Practicing Progress

Practicing Progress: Because Life is About Changing One Step at a Time

I’ve identified six pillars of practice to help you shift the way you view change and adopt a mindset that will bring more peace, joy, and acceptance into your life.

  • Practice Being Human
  • Practice Gratitude
  • Practice Believing
  • Practice Being Courageous
  • Practice Reaching Your Purpose
  • Practice Creating Joy

I share actionable strategies to help you learn how to make small but measurable steps toward growth. Instead of dealing with what you believe the world thinks you should be and do, try discovering ways to practice progressing on the path meant just for you. More than an encouraging book about making progress and reaching your goals, Practicing Progress offers a framework for making intentional choices and seeing them through.

Also available on Kindle as an eBook.


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