Fool Proof Productivity eBook

Fool-Proof Productivity is built upon proven strategies to help you get focused and more productive. Productive time management is the combination of intelligent planning, focus, and recognition of your priorities.


Fool Proof Productivity eBook

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Sometimes our life is spinning so quickly we don’t know how we will fit it all in. Soccer practice, piano lessons, book club, homework, orthodontist appointments, debate team, and the list goes on. The crazy thing is, my kids are grown, so my list of things-to-do has changed, but my time is still my most closely monitored commodity.

To help you out, I’m sharing some of my fool-proof strategies to keep you focused and productive. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed, simply work on one change at a time to make a massive impact in your life.


Fool-Proof Productivity Sections:

  • Productive or Just Busy?
  • Multitasking is Overrated
  • Simplify
  • Gaining Clarity
  • Write it Down and Check it Off
  • Why Focus is Important
  • Tips to Improve Focus
  • Final Tips

eBook (Digital): 30 pages

File Size: 32 MB

Published: October 30, 2020


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