One year ago I hit publish for the first time. The last year has pushed me out of my comfort zone over and over again. I have learned new things, growing in ways I hadn't expected, and have a new level of respect and admiration for the bloggers and writers out there! I'm grateful for each of my readers. Whether you have been with me from the beginning, joined in the middle or are new to Choosing Wisdom   — Thanks for being here!

Celebrations typically have some sort of gift associated with them.  Great deals, good finds, and favorites are all things I love to share and have shared with me! To celebrate Choosing Wisdom's first birthday I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you.  

*This post contains affiliate links.  They will not cost you anything additional but will provide a small commission to Choosing Wisdom.

Haflinger Clogs and Sandals

My Haflinger clogs have saved my feet!  I started wearing these last winter when my plantar fasciitis was at its worst and continued wearing them after my treatment last spring.  The wool exterior keeps my toes toasty on a cold winter day. 

I wore the Haflinger sandal all summer.  On rainy days I'd add some socks and look like a total geek, but for those of you with foot issues, you understand.  Comfort comes before class.  Both styles offer comfy arch support and come in a variety of colors.

I’ve found a fun new place to custom order dresses just the way you like them. At you find the basic style you’re looking for and then customize the length, sleeves and even the neckline.  It is awesome! Order your normal size based on their size chart or customize your size with your exact measurements for the perfect fit.  I love it because their dresses are not a one size fits all! They have hundreds of different styles all with unique options. 

I tried to catch a few pictures of me the last time I wore my chambray shift dress.  I'm no model, but you get the idea.   I added elbow sleeves, a notched neckline, and a mid-calf length. The options are almost endless. If you sign up for a complimentary account with this link you can get free customized sizing and $25 off your first order!


In the Leafy Treetops Planner

I just pre-ordered my 2018 Mom Planner by In the Leafy Treetops and can't wait to get my hands on it!  Yes, it is fat and chunky, but it has everything I keep track of in one place. As I mentioned in my last favorite things post, I have gone against the digital age and firmly grasped my new paper planner.

I discovered this planner in a blog post by Midday Mornings.  It allows both a month at a glance and weekly planning. This year I opted for the horizontal layout, which gives me a place to list my daily to-dos. I’ve loved the fun colors and extra organizing features each month. This planner brings my home schedule in line with my editorial one. There is something comforting about physically holding my planner.  

Bagallini Everyday Crossbody

After carrying a huge bag for so many years my sister introduced me to the Bagallini Everyday Crossbody purse. I have it in black with a subtle leopard print, but I’m really liking this papaya color.

It has a front compartment that zips out to reveal a wallet with slots for your credit cards, a change pouch, and slots for longer items like stamps and cash. The front flap pocket fits my iPhone 6 so I always have quick and easy access.  Inside there is enough room for my keys, lip gloss, a pack of gum, kleenex, emergency pill bottle, and eye drops with room to spare.  There are two additional pockets.  One inside for pens and a fingernail file, and one in the back for those random flat items you don’t want to lose in the larger compartment.

Ready to loose the big bag?  This is the perfect option!  p.s. it also comes in a rainbow of colors. eBags currently has 50% off select Bagallini purses. They are durable and a great bag to keep you organized.



Travel Favorites

I started to tag along with my husband on his business trips, and in the last couple of years, we've done some international traveling.  Whether you are staying stateside or going international the right kind of travel gear is crucial.  I've found eBags to be a valuable resource in finding the right fit for our needs. Here are a couple of favorites I've found to make our time away from home a little more convenient. Hopefully, it will help you as well!


eBags Packing Cubes

Have you tried packing cubes yet?  We discovered these space savers when we went to Israel 3 years ago. I have a couple of the 6 piece value set which includes one large, medium and small cube with 3 bonus slim cubes.  

I love using the small size for electronic items like power adapters, USB cords, battery charger, and headphones.  Sometimes I'll pack it in my weekender bag to have on the plane or else conveniently slide it into my suitcase with my other cubes. The Medium is perfect for all of my shirts, shorts, and PJ's, while the large cube fits jeans and bulkier items.  I use the slim cubes for my socks, unmentionables, and items that can be easily squished together.  

The cubes have allowed me to fit more into a suitcase because they condense items into a smaller space, plus it keeps my suitcase organized when switching hotels often.  I know which cube has which item and it is easy to find without digging through a stack of clothes. 


eBags Professional Weekender Backpack

Measuring at 21" H x 14" W x 8" D this backpack makes travel a breeze!  I use this as my second carry on and it holds my laptop, books, and any miscellaneous things I want to have easy access to on the plane. It can double as a briefcase with handles on the top and side.  There is an electronics garage for your cables, a great organization flap, a hidden outer pocket for travel documents, and the best part it is TSA approved.  This approval means you don't have to remove your laptop when going through security, you simply open the center zipper and lay the pack flat on the security belt. Collect your bag on the other end and zip it back together.  Easy peasy!  


I'm a tall gal and so leg room is important on airplanes.  The other great thing I love about this bag is it can stand on its side and give me full foot coverage to its side.  Gone are my days of stuffing my carry on in my under seat storage.  The last great feature (there are more than I will list) is the trolley handle pass through.  It has a sleeve in the back of the bag that will slide over the handle of your roller bag allowing both bags to stack.  Saves your back and keeps you moving along!

While this link will give you 30% off the Professional Weekender, eBags has their junior version on sale now for 60% off. Measuring 16.5" x 12.75" x 6.5" the junior is just a smaller version with all of the same great features! If you see something else you'd like on the eBags website be sure to use this link and code LABORDAY17 to get 20% off all other purchases through September 4.


Gizmos and Gadgets

Gear Beast Retractable USB Cable

This is the best retractable 8 pin USB cable!  The lightning rating means it charges faster than your normal USB cable. I love that it keeps my bags from being a tangled web of cords. This self-contained bundle is Apple MFi certified, extends to 3.3 Feet, and works for iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 6, 6 Plus, iPad Pro 12.9, 9.7, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod. Comes in white, black and hot pink.

Goal Zero Recharger

There are so many different rechargers out there today.  We bought a solar pack from Goal Zero that included this recharger for all of our devices.  When it is fully charged I can recharge three devices.  They each take about 5 hours to get to 100%.  This is small enough to fit in my Bagallini Crossbody bag so I can charge on the go. It has become a must when I'm traveling!

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