Summit Hosts Presentations:
Heather & Sharee
and Summit Class Bundle Special

Faith-based Positivity & Success Coach Heather Nielsen,
and Reiki Master & Meditation Expert, Sharee Pack

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Heather Nielsen

Heather's Free 7 Hopeful Tips & Deepening Your Daily Walk with God Course

Sharee Pack

Sharee's Free 5 Reasons to Start Meditating and Meditation for Complete Beginners Course

Each class is available separately for $197.

However, we encourage you to
take advantage of our
Summit Special Class Bundle
and get both Heather’s & Sharee’s Classes for only $222!

Both classes are amazing individually, and they go together so well!
Sharee’s course is all about meditation and opening the heavens to feel more peace and connection with God.
Heather’s course focuses on a new spiritual topic each week that will uplevel your spirituality.
Join either or both and your October will be amazing!

Your Summit Hosts

Sharee Pack 

As a Reiki Master, Energy Medicine, and Meditation Expert, Sharee Pack offers rays of sunshine in her approach to health, growth, and personal peace. She loves life and lives it to the fullest as a wife, mom, and grandma. Her extensive certified background in holistic wellness is rooted in deep concern for her clients. Sharee creates direction, clarity, and a positive mindset using whole-person healing. She is a Choosing Wisdom team member and the creator of Meditate With Sharee.

Joy Summit Hosts Presentations 5

Sharee and Heather are best friends and business partners. They are so excited to bring you a full lineup of incredible presenters! 

Heather Nielsen 

Heather Nielsen is a wife, mother of 5, and a disciple of Christ. Her favorite presenters make her feel good about where she is while inspiring her to do a bit better. Heather strives to create the same environment in her teaching. She is a natural cheerleader, and her clients feel her genuine care and encouragement to make lasting improvements in their lives. Heather is a Choosing Wisdom team member and the founder of

Joy Summit Hosts Presentations 6

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