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What’s My #1 Inspirational Summer Book Recommendation? Believe It!

I just finished Believe It by Jamie Kern Lima. I didn’t know what to expect and was happily surprised by how inspiring and motivating it was! It is technically an autobiography but filled with such emotion and wisdom.

Jamie’s story of her trials and triumphs in creating a revolutionary makeup brand is filled with lessons for all of us. Over and over, I was impressed with her determination and grit! I shed tears as she shared how she was treated cruelly by strangers and competitors over the years. Yet she never gave up!

Jamie is real and honest. She shares the highs and the tremendous lows of her journey. By the end of the book, you’ll feel like she is your best friend! The encouragement throughout the book causes you to Believe It (whatever you are facing) is possible!

Sprinkled throughout the book, she explained how her faith guided her and often referred to the still small voice of her intuition that led her to make correct choices even when it didn’t seem like the right or popular decision.

Believe in a Power Greater Than Yourself

In one of the last chapters, she shared her belief in a greater power. I’ll share just a few quotes that especially touched and inspired me.

What's My #1 Inspirational Summer Book Recommendation? Believe It! 1

For many years, I trusted only myself in the driver’s seat, controlling the steering wheel. And I turned to God only when I got a flat tire and desperately needed a spare. For a long time I didn’t trust Him to take the wheel, and on many occasions, I didn’t even believe He existed at all. Everything changed in my journey when I let go and trusted Him to take the wheel, and together we’ve driven to places beyond what I could have imagined. –Jamie Kern Lima

God doesn’t need us to show up perfect, He just needs us to show up. For Him. And He will do the rest….I believe God shows up for imperfect people who love and seek Him.

Jamie Kern Lima

I started to get more and more tuned in to what felt right for me, and I became able to pay closer attention to when God is speaking to me. Not literally; I mean, I’ve never heard God actually talk. But I would describe it kind of like this internal knowing. Like the still, small voice of your intuition and your instincts, the ones that are always right. …As I pay more and more attention, I’ve grown to believe that God is truly all around us and is there waiting for us to see him and turn to Him.

Jamie Kern Lima
What's My #1 Inspirational Summer Book Recommendation? Believe It! 2

I believe having faith in a power greater than ourselves– whether you call it God or love or Creator or the Universe; for me that name became Jesus– is the only way to truly feel connected as a human being to all of humanity, the only way to know that our life is divinely orchestrated. And I believe if we don’t have a spiritual foundation to hang on to, we can too easily lose ourselves. –Jamie Kern Lima

I love that Jamie, one of Forbes America’s Richest Self-made Women, has openly declared her belief in a Higher Power and encourages everyone to discover for themselves a higher power. She worked like crazy for ten years, had a vision greater than herself for all women to feel beautiful, and was divinely guided on her path. Along with hard work and persistence, she knows that a spiritual foundation is the key to her success.

While there are tons of personal development skills throughout the book, it’s also engaging and a fun read! Believe It is a perfect book to read by the pool, on the plane, or curled up on your couch. Whatever your dreams or goals, Believe It is possible!


What’s My #1 Inspirational Summer Book Recommendation? Believe It!

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