Grammarly: Everything You Need to Never Make Grammar Mistakes Again

Years ago when I went back to finish my degree, one of the most significant hurdles I had to face was editing my writing.  You’d think as an English major it would come second nature – but no – it was not the case. The most challenging class I took was my grammar diagramming class.  After failing the first test, I had to start getting extra help each week from my professor. I’m happy to say my editing skills have improved since then, but I still feel it is the weakest part of my writing.  Last year I discovered Grammarly. It is smarter than the standard spell check on most word processing programs and catches the things I most often miss in my editing. 

Now don’t go thinking “this doesn’t apply to me.” I’m sharing this with you because Grammarly is for everyone! Students, writers, professionals, and stay-at-home-moms can all benefit from this “smart” technology.

How does Grammarly work?

The folks at Grammarly have designed an algorithm to check up to 400 different elements of grammar in your documents, emails, text message, and social media posts. It can flag problems with spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and even helps with vocabulary.

The #1 Writing Tool

Why Grammarly?

The best part is this app does not just "fix it" for you, but teaches the WHY behind each correction and suggestion. Grammarly allows you to make informed decisions about each revision you make.  Compared to many other spell check apps - Grammarly catches everything.  Did you notice in the video how MS Word missed all the errors Grammarly found?

The downside?  Grammarly is not integrated with Google Docs. But any document I write on this application can easily be copied into the editor to get the same results. 

UPDATE: Grammarly and Google Docs have begun beta testing for Premium Users! All you have to do is install Grammarly for Chrome and you're good to go!

Free Grammarly

Along with the text editor, there is also a free browser extension for Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox. The browser extensions suggest writing corrections while using online applications, bringing their robust algorithms to your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and WordPress accounts. Corrections are as simple as a single click. 

Grammarly Writing Support

Grammarly Premium

Premium is a paid upgrade that offers advanced checks for sentence structure and context, grammatical and punctuation errors, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, plagiarism checks, and citation suggestions. Here are a few examples of what the premium version has to offer: 

Pretty amazing isn't it? I've been using premium for a little over a year and haven't looked back! If you are interested in more information about all Grammarly Premium has to offer you can click here

Students and homeschoolers love Grammarly to improve their writing of reports, essays, and college entrance applications.   Professionals love this app because of its expert help and instant feedback about accuracy, impact, and credibility.  And I love it because of how much easier it is to edit everything I write.

Want to take Grammarly for a spin? Click here to get the free version!

What is your favorite editing tool?

Grammarly: Everything You Need to Never Make Grammar Mistakes Again 5
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