Finding Your Focus

Finding Your FocusFinding our focus is not easy, and regaining it even harder.  It involves stepping out of our comfort zone and reaching with the same intensity a person drowning would for air.

Distractions can enter our lives in subtle and seemly important ways. Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to think about what you don’t want? Whatever we spend our time focused on will invite more of the same into our lives.  This can work for or against us.  If we have not identified what we really want and only think about what we don’t want we easily get lost drifting off course. Today on Evolve! I share a time when I was distracted and was thrown off course.

I’m reminded of Peter walking on water. His focus was to come out to Jesus. With strong faith, he did not doubt in his ability when he left the boat. Even when he started to sink he turned to the one source he knew would save him. For me, my faith is a motivating focus because of the peace, direction, and joy it brings to my life. No matter what your focus, we can all relate to feeling as if we’ve drifted off course.

Finding your focus requires a lot of thought and effort to identify what you want. Add a deep desire and commitment and you’ve got a recipe for success.

Join me as we discuss what great things your focus can help you do.

Source: Finding Your Focus – Evolve!

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