Embracing Miracles: Discovering Limitless Possibilities Through Faith

My journey through the miracles found in New Testament this year has inspired and enlightened me. I’ve loved the miracles performed by Christ during His earthly ministry. Following His death, the mighty manifestations of Christ’s apostles captured my attention.

One particular story deeply pricked my heart—the account of a man begging for money at the temple gate in Acts chapter 3. Although we lack specific details about his disability, we know it afflicted him from birth (Acts 3:2), and he was over 40 years old during this miraculous experience (Acts 4:22).
Embracing Miracles: Discovering Limitless Possibilities Through Faith 1

I pondered the trials he faced, relying on the generosity of others throughout his life, and the impact it must have had on his self-worth and disposition.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Reflecting on my own experiences as a single mom, I vividly recall when lung surgery rendered me dependent on others for various tasks for almost a month. From getting my boys to different schools to providing meals and transportation, I felt like a burden. I discovered it was easier to go without than ask for help yet again

Contemplating this man’s perspective, I imagined his hope fading when Peter claimed to have no money. But what a wondrous turn of events awaited him!

A Leap of Joy

Embracing Miracles: Discovering Limitless Possibilities Through Faith 2

The sheer joy described in the man’s reaction when Peter offered him something other than money deeply resonated with me. The man stood up and leaped with unbridled excitement—his healing, an undeniable gift from God.

As the story unfolded, it became apparent that others recognized the miracles performed by the Apostles as divine intervention. The sick were brought to Peter and the other apostles in the following chapters, and “they were healed every one” (Acts 5:15-16).

Expanding Our Faith

This narrative prompted introspection regarding how I inadvertently limit God’s power in my life.

  • How often do I settle for asking for mere handouts when God yearns to heal me?
  • How often do I seek crumbs instead of feasting at His table?
  • In moments of desperation, I seek short-term solutions rather than embracing the potential for life-changing miracles God can bring forth.

Unleashing Miracles

Embracing Miracles: Discovering Limitless Possibilities Through Faith 3

The theme “Ask, and ye shall receive” is repeated dozens of times throughout the Old and New Testaments! It is clear that God wants us to approach Him, boldly asking for what we need and desire

Remembering that my word for this year is “Believe,” as I shared in my previous blog post (read it here), I am continuously learning to place unwavering faith in myself, in God, and the power of miracles. I am shedding limiting beliefs that hinder my progress and embracing the truth that, with God, I can conquer all obstacles.

Exploring Resources

My quest for growth has led me to discover incredible reminders of God’s infinite power, capacity, and resources. Last summer, I had the privilege of reading “Believe It!” by Jamie Kerns Lima, a truly inspirational book that invigorated my faith (find more information here). It’s time to revisit its pages and draw upon Jamie’s wisdom again to boost my journey.

As I continue my study of the New Testament, the profound lessons from Acts 1-5 resonate deeply within me. The story of the man at the temple gate serves as a poignant reminder that we often limit ourselves and the boundless possibilities that lie before us. I invite you to join me, shed our doubts, embrace unwavering faith, and open ourselves to the miracles God eagerly waits to bestow upon us. We can embark on a transformative journey together, trusting in His infinite love and power.

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Embracing Miracles: Discovering Limitless Possibilities Through Faith

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