Creating Positive Habits Journal

Journal CoverThe Creating Positive Habits Journal comes in two options. One includes 365-days of journal pages and the second includes a month. Each is packed with simple yet effective tools to help nurture and create positive change in your life. The daily journal page includes a place to record gratitudes, wins, and a unique writing prompt to encourage positive thoughts.  The monthly page provides space to set goals to plan with a purpose and record your progress.

We practice things we want to become good at. What better practice is there than to work on a more positive mindset for an entire year?  For less than a nice meal out, you can be well on your way to developing a new positive habit.

I was able to print my 365-day journal, double-sided, at home for just the cost of paper. Most print shops should cost between $10-15 to print double-sided.  Office Depot does a spiral binding for about $10.
This purchase is for a digital copy of “the Creating Positive Habits Journal” and does not include a physical copy. Results are not guaranteed in any way but determined by Individual commitment and effort. The digital file has copyright – sharing is prohibited.