Creating Positive Habits Journal

Journal CoverA few years ago I learned about the benefits of a gratitude journal as I kept one for an entire year. It made a huge difference as I working through some difficult things in my life, but I knew I needed more. I wanted to find a way to add to my new habit so that my self-confidence could soar. As I searched for the best solution to meet my needs, I realized it would be easier to create a journal with all of the elements I was looking for.

This was when I designed The Creating Positive Habits Journal.

My Journal is available in two options. The first includes 365-days of journal pages and the second is bite-sized with a month’s worth of journal pages. Each is packed with simple yet effective tools to help nurture and create positive change in your life.

The daily journal spread includes a full page to record wins, your gratitude focus, and your impressions to the unique writing prompt for the day. The writing prompts are designed to get your mind practicing positive progress and thoughts. At the start of each month, there is a goal page allowing your space to plan with a purpose and track your progress as your practice throughout the month.

We practice things we want to become good at. What better practice is there than to work on a more positive mindset for an entire year?  For less than a nice meal out, you can be well on your way to developing a new positive habit.

Creating Positive Habits Journal 3

A NOTE ABOUT PRINTING: I was able to print my 365-day journal, double-sided, at home for just the cost of paper. Most print shops should cost between $10-15 to print double-sided.  Office Depot does a spiral binding for about $10.
This purchase is for a digital copy of “the Creating Positive Habits Journal” and does not include a physical copy. Results are not guaranteed in any way but determined by Individual commitment and effort. The digital file has copyright – sharing is prohibited.