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Creating Positive Habits Gratitude Journal

The Creating Positive Habits Journal is a comprehensive guide to help you embrace a more grateful attitude. It is easy to take for granted the things we love the most, and the challenges in life often make it difficult to see anything positive. Five minutes a day will help you create deep and meaningful connections about how to gain a more positive perspective and understand the vital link between gratitude and happiness.

A few years ago I learned about the benefits of a gratitude journal as I kept one for an entire year. It made a huge difference in how I was able to work through some difficult challenges in my life, but I knew I needed more.

I wanted to find a way to add to my new habit so the inner peace and happiness I felt could soar. As I searched for the best solution to meet my needs, I realized it would be easier to create a journal with all of the elements I was looking for.

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This is when I designed the Creating Positive Habits Journal

Available in three options, one for him or her available on Amazon, or as a downloadable PDF. Each version includes a daily spread featuring inspirational quotes and space to record your gratitude and accomplishments as well as a thoughtful writing prompt. All carefully designed to help you reflect on intentional change and encourage a focus on the positive.

Your journal will also include additional pages to record goals, progress, and action items along the way.  Use it as a tool to refocus your energy while maintaining motivation and momentum. Once you’ve completed your 90-day journey there is space included to write about what you’ve learned and to create a plan to continue moving forward.

We practice things we want to become good at. What better practice is there than to focus on a more positive mindset for the next 90 days? For less than a nice meal out, you can be well on your way to developing a new positive habit.

Start today by taking the time to remind yourself of what truly matters, and recognize how much you have to be thankful. Pick up an additional copy as a gift for a friend, and then you can share the journey!

Creating Positive Habits Journal

The original Creating Positive Habits Journal was created for her, with fun vibrant colors and a touch of flowers on each page. 

I designed the “for Him” version when my husband wanted something a little more masculine to use in his gratitude practice. Each physical copy has the same content, only the design is different.

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Creating Positive Habits Journal

Prefer a Printable Version?

If you’d prefer to print your own copy of the journal a PDF version is also available. The only difference between the physical Amazon version and the printable pdf is the design. I opted to keep with the simple lines of my original journal to save on ink.


The best part about the PDF is the added option to print in color or black and white all from the convenience of home.

Please note: The purchase of a digital copy of The Creating Positive Habits Journal does not include a physical copy. Results are not guaranteed in any way but determined by individual commitment and effort. The digital file is copyrighted — Sharing is prohibited.

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