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How to Improve Your Most Important Relationship

What is your most important relationship? For many of us it might be our marriage; to others, it might be to our to a sibling, parent or close friend. Relationships are a crucial ingredient to our human experience, and learning how to improve those important relationships is essential in helping them grow and flourish. As humans, one of our greatest …

How to Love the Difficult Person in Your Life

Have you ever thought about what makes someone unloveable? Do you find it hard to love the difficult person in your life? Maybe they are unkind, controlling, annoying or don’t like other people. On the flip side, what makes a person loveable? Is it the things they do or say. Does it matter how friendly, sweet, or fun they are? …

My Marriage’s Most Meaningful Lessons

I can still see him now. He is walking towards me. His eyes are smiling straight through to my heart, sending my stomach in a kind of butterfly somersault medley. Standing outside my apartment door, I return a smile full of excitement and anticipation. It was at that moment, and a million others since, I knew I loved him.

Poisoned by Degrees

Are we sensitive enough to notice when one drop of poison might be destroying our attitude, fostering frustration, or giving way to ingratitude?It is being able to perceive the small changes and choosing how we will let it affect us.