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My Marriage’s Most Meaningful Lessons

I can still see him now. He is walking towards me. His eyes are smiling straight through to my heart, sending my stomach in a kind of butterfly somersault medley. Standing outside my apartment door, I return a smile full of excitement and anticipation. It was at that moment, and a million others since, I knew I loved him.

How Cancer has Changed Us

My husband and I were sitting around a table at a wedding. We were among friends, and the conversation was jumping from one couple to another as we caught up with each other. Someone asked my husband “how is your son?” He gave a brief rundown, and I interjected with “It’s been great! Everyone’s son should get cancer.” Our son …

You Are What You Love

When my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, her doctor said she had a few years.  Despite chemo rounds, we watched her decline quickly.  A short seven months after the diagnosis, she was gone.  It’s been two years now, and I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on the things I learned from my mother.  It’s interesting …

Wedding Planning 101: 11 Lessons Learned

It seems like pure madness to think about wedding planning at the first of the year, but about this time last year, our oldest daughter got engaged. I learned a few tidbits of wisdom that I wish I had known from the get go. So, for all you parents that have a daughter’s wedding on the horizon - this one …

Poisoned by Degrees

Are we sensitive enough to notice when one drop of poison might be destroying our attitude, fostering frustration, or giving way to ingratitude?It is being able to perceive the small changes and choosing how we will let it affect us.