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Quick-Fix to Hard Things

The Quick-Fix for the Hard Questions in Life

Today the internet and media are flooded with short-cuts and “how-to” blog posts and articles. The movie title “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” comes to mind. We have become a society drawn the quick fix for the hard questions we face in our lives.

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Kindness Benefits

Why Kindness Benefits Yourself as Well as Others

From the time we are small we are taught to be nice. Our parents and other teachers in our lives encourage us to make good choices and to be kind in our interactions with other people. This is for a good reason. Kindness not only benefits the recipients of our actions, but it also has a positive effect on us and anyone who witnessed the act of kindness too.

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5 Steps to a Stress Detox

While the triggers may be different, any situation we perceive as threatening, or that requires us to adjust or change, can set off stress. It often creeps in quietly through the back door and before we know it we feel overwhelmed with the burdens that have seemingly mounded up from nowhere.

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Dare NOT to Compare

Since comparison is the thief of joy, and that is what makes life so fulfilling, let us stop missing out on life! Let’s be brave and dare NOT to compare. Let’s embrace the gift of being who we are!

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Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. Our discouragement and doubt can drown out our desire to find success. (Photo Credit ©Julia Rosenlof)

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