Nikita Burks-Hale


Coloring Practitioner and Alignment Coach

Nikita Burks-Hale (she/her) is the CEO and Chief Coloring Officer at Headphones and Crayons, a space for amplifying voice, sound, and color. As an Alignment Coach, she journeys and supports creatives, podcasters, and entrepreneurs as they create podcasts and launch new business initiatives that feel good without losing themselves in the process. As a Coloring Practitioner, Nikita integrates connection, community building, dialogue, and healing, all through the art of coloring.

Nikita is a journeyer in every sense of the word and truly believes that life is a journey and you must be open to its endless possibilities. Her coaching and personal beliefs are centered around living your imperfect journey to the FULLest by:

  • Showing Up
  • Being Vulnerable
  • Practicing Grace and Gratitude
  • Be A Bada**
  • And Enjoying the Ride

When she is not coaching, podcasting, aligning, or coloring, you can find her watching the latest Disney movies with her wife, Jessica, and her two young kids, Adonis and Remy.

To learn more about coloring as a tool visit

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