Naomi Fox Reina


Light-Filled Astrologer

Naomi Fox Reina is a Light-Filled Astrologer, Speaker, Guide, and Compassionate Soul. Her professional career began as a birth professional for 10 years, where she taught classes and co-founded an international childbirth certification organization which grew to be in 6 countries on 4 continents. Her purpose was to bring more light and truth to the birthing process which facilitated family connection and reduced trauma.

She went on to run a branding and website design company for heart-centered entrepreneurs to help them represent themselves accurately and in energetic alignment with their businesses. While doing that, she discovered she has a Divine Affinity for Astrology and started incorporating it into branding. In 2016 she transitioned her main focus to teaching and doing one-on-one sessions in Astrology to give people permission to fully embody who they are and help them fully step into what they were meant to do. In essence, it gave them clarity and permission to not hold back anymore.

She currently teaches Astrology + Human Design and now certifies Light-Filled Astrologers to bring more light, alignment, and freedom to the world.

When she’s not looking at Astrology charts and geeking out with people’s stars, you’ll find her spending time with her family or hiking around the red rocks of St George. She has 3 children, 3 step children, and is blissfully married to her best friend, Ralph.


You can find Naomi’s classes and services at her website 

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