Matthew Pilling

Matt PIlling

Presence & Persona Producer

Matthew Pilling is a husband and father of 5 children and loves spending time with them. Before marrying and starting a family, Matthew spent 2 years as a missionary in the Dominican Republic.

A lifelong student of human behavior and motivation, Matthew seeks to blend the learning of the world with the wisdom of the word of God to find patterns that will help us grow in the most meaningful ways. That study has led him to become a facilitator in the Rare Faith Community.

As a Presence and Persona Producer, Matt helps his clients see the real effect that they have on the world around them and contrasts that with the effect they think they are having. He then helps them intentionally craft the presence that they intend to have. He does this by focusing on the three pillars of Meaningful Presence and Impact: Deepened Gratitude, Integrity to True Self, and Commitment to Growth.

Matthew is a fair-weather cyclist and a Star Wars Nut. He also enjoys writing. He is currently working on his first book, “It’s Not About You – Rethinking How We Thank”. To follow his progress, visit him at

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