Jes Marcy


Clutter Coach

Jes Marcy takes an entirely new approach to tackling all the clutter in your life. It starts by recognizing that all clutter is connected, and decluttering can be fraught with emotional landmines, insightful ah-ha moments, tears, laughter, and lots of personal reckoning. It can be scary and exciting, and it’s best when it is shared with a community that genuinely cares about your success – and this is exactly what Jes has built.

Jes’s signature method of decluttering, Prioritize Your Sanity, offers all the pillars you need to be successful in decluttering your life: coaching that spans multiple disciplines, judgment-free communities that celebrate even the tiniest of wins, and practical, simple strategies to keep moving forward.

This fully integrated, fully supported approach to clutter is revolutionary, and Jes’s clients experience transformative growth through the process. Empowered with the belief that they can tackle anything, they do, creating homes that nourish their souls and space to show up as the best version of themselves every day. Jes feels honored to witness these transformations, and her clients feel inspired to continue this work with others moving forward. Check out Jes’s programs at jesmarcy.com.
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