Heather Nielsen


Faith-Based Positivity and Success Coach

Heather Nielsen is a wife, mother of 5, and a disciple of Christ. Before she became a wife and mother, Heather had grand ideals of how she would run her almost-perfect household. Now she embraces her hot mess by focussing on the things that really matter and managing the things that don’t.

Heather brings her experience as a high school science teacher, real estate agent, and direct sales entrepreneur to her coaching biz. Heather loves teaching and helping others achieve their dreams of becoming healthier and wealthier as they invest in themselves.

  As a faith-based positivity and success coach, Heather often teaches about the following topics:  

  • Living in Alignment with Spiritual & Personal Values
  • Developing Self Confidence 
  • Improving Relationships 
  • Success Principles to Create Wealth
  • Joy & Benefits of Charitable Service

Heather’s favorite presenters make her feel good where she is at and encourage her to do a bit better. She strives to create the same environment in her teaching. Heather has a natural love, trust, and acceptance of almost everyone and believes all people have good hearts, even if they need a little reminder occasionally. She is a natural encourager, and her clients feel her genuine care and confidence in making lasting improvements in their lives. 

In Heather’s free time, she loves to stay connected on Facebook, read books, play Nertz and other games with her extended family and organize service projects. Heather is a team member of ChoosingWisdom.org and the founder of MyDivineJoy.com.

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