Aurea McGarry


Emmy Award Winner

Aurea is an Emmy Award winning TV show host and producer, serving on their board of governors and as an Emmy judge. She is a TEDX and professional keynote speaker and event host emcee. Aurea’s been featured on over 500 radio shows & podcasts and on over 150 TV shows including The 700 Club, Atlanta & Company, PBS, FOX Good Day Atlanta, Daytime Tampa Bay and Nite Line with audiences in the millions.

As a business coach & success strategist for women, she helps her clients speak for profit in all the BEST places. She the founder & host of the “Get CELEBRITIZED” podcast, helping female entrepreneurs learn how to become the celebrity of their industry so that they can Earn More – Live More – Give Back More.

Aurea faced many struggles in her life including the murder of her father when she was a teenager, spouse abuse, divorce, single motherhood, cancer, and she wrote her autobiography book about how she overcame these extreme challenges and stayed positive and successful through it all, titled “I Won’t Survive, I’ll Thrive!” Aurea has authored and co-Authored eight Self Help Books. She is a cancer & domestic violence Sur-THRIVER and a Walking Miracle!

On a personal note: Aurea’s passion for nonprofits and the volunteers or heroes running them  began after her grueling battle over Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Diagnosed on her birthday in 1999 and after invasive surgery and grueling chemotherapy, which almost killed her, the surgeon told her she’d never be able to speak above a faint whisper because they had to remove the left thoracic nerve to her vocal cord. They also removed half of her left lung, part of her right lung, the lining around her heart, her Thymus and disconnected half of her diaphragm. She has been cancer-free since 2000 and can speak again despite the grim diagnosis. Her miracle story was featured on The 700 Club TV show worldwide many times over and in her TEDX talk in 2021.  To find Aurea’s upcoming classes, visit
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