Become a ContributorThis page is a culmination my of Awards, Recognitions, and Guest Posts. I am grateful for the opportunity and recognition each of these milestones represents.

Guest Posts

I’ve been a regular contributor on Live.Grow.Give. Evolve! Krista Palo has believed in me and I’m grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to write on her blog.


Jen at Midday Mornings has been a support from the very beginning.  I’m honored to contribute to her blog.


I participated in an End of Childbearing Series on my submission was called Crossroads.


Wandering Wednesdays featured my posts When Your Child Wanders and What Does Practicing Patience Really Teach Us?





Real Life, Real Passion: Find the Joy – Interview with Lori Jackson


Want to learn a little more about me?  Go check out my first live interview – it was exciting and nerve-racking all at the same time!









I received two nominations for very similar awards within a week of each other.  I felt so flattered to be recognized! The two wonderful bloggers who nominated me were Michelle creator of Better Together and Janet creator of Grandma2Glamma. They nominated me for the “Mystery Blogger Award” and the “Liebster Award”

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14 thoughts on “Awards, Recognitions, and Guest Posts”

    1. Thank you and you’re welcome Corey! You’ve got a beautiful thing going on with Nostalgia Diaries! I’m grateful to have been enlightened with your writing!

  1. Oh you are so so kind Lori! Thank you for thinking of me!! I just love what you are doing and I especially love your big heart!
    xoxoxo~ D

  2. Congratulations, Lori! You have created and curated a beautiful and inspiring space here on the internet. You definitely deserve to be recognized. And thank you for the humbling nomination. 💜

  3. That is really neat to be recognized! I’m definitely enjoying and being uplifted by your blog!

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