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Affordable Planner and Journal Treasures I Love

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I recently attended a workshop where I discovered some new planner and journal treasures to creatively step up the way I’ve been using them.   I just purchased my third planner from In the Leafy Tree Tops and while I have used it in the most basic way – I’m excited to get a little more creative with these fun planner and journal supplies.

Whether your new to the planner and journal craze or a seasoned connoisseur, these new favorites are inexpensive and a great way to add some color to your white pages. While my journal and planner are the foundation for being organized, my favorite “supplies” mentioned below aren’t essential but do make a great creative outlet.

Planner and Journal Treasures

Like an artist in need of a blank canvas, finding the right journal and planner is the best place to start. These favorites have helped me create a system to stay organized and productive.

In the Leafy Tree Tops has been making planners since 2014. Melinda couldn’t find a planner to keep everything in one place and decided to design one herself. The planner is made for deliberate moms who want to enjoy “Life Organized.”  But they don’t stop there. Their variety of planners include something for every woman, no matter her stage in life. I’m an empty nester and have tried their “Know it, Live it, Love it” planner which is the same as their mom planner minus the family planning pages. The “Mother’s Who Know” planner is the most popular, and one I used last year.  They come in horizontal and vertical layouts and honestly are amazing because they have a place for EVERYTHING!

Affordable Planner and Journal Treasures I Love 25

I use Minimalizm Art’s classic notebook as my journal. The great thing about this journal is it has a variety of cover colors and page patterns types to choose from.  I use the basic lined paper, but they also come with blank, grid, or dotted pages depending on your preference.  It comes with 192 pages at 100 gsm thickness which is a good quality —minimal ghosting and bleeding for most pens. Like many other journals, it has an elastic closure and back cover pocket as well.  They are standard A5 size, measuring 5″ x 8.3″.

Affordable Planner and Journal Treasures I Love 26Affordable Planner and Journal Treasures I Love 27

You can get your Minimalism Art Journal on Amazon by clicking here.

Adhesive Cardstock

One fun thing I learned from the workshop is if there is a feature on a page you don’t use or need you can always cover them colored adhesive paper and spark a little creativity in creating your look.


I’m new to the whole sticker thing – and yes, it’s actually a thing. I love the motivational quotes to add to either your planner or journal pages. The variety of fun ways to add color is endless. I started with some basics like the monthly and daily labels and have added a few checkbox stickers and motivational quotes to the mix. Amazon has some great choices.  The “Me and My Big Ideas” stickers offer variety and quality as well.

Affordable Planner and Journal Treasures I Love 28

Washi tape was also something new to me.  It is great for dividing up pages into sections and adding more order to all of your ideas. In the picture above you can see how the washi tape is used to mark off vacation time on a menu calendar.

I have fallen in love with adding a little more character to my planner pages with stickers and washi tape.

Affordable Planner and Journal Treasures I Love 29Affordable Planner and Journal Treasures I Love 30

Snap-in Planner Tools

Some people don’t like spiral planners because they can’t add to them like a three-ring binder type. I found a couple of clever tools that simply snap in the spiral allowing me to add to my planner.

The first is the spiral hole punch. It is easy to line up your page and punch it to fit your planner.

Affordable Planner and Journal Treasures I Love 31
Affordable Planner and Journal Treasures I Love 32Affordable Planner and Journal Treasures I Love 33

Are you a lover of sticky notes.  I love to use them to add extra details to my lists within my planner or to draw attention to something important. This set of sticky notes snaps right into the spiral and allows me to move to where I’m working.

Affordable Planner and Journal Treasures I Love 34Affordable Planner and Journal Treasures I Love 35

Staedler Fineliner Pens

I love so many things about these pens. The set of 20 on my desk came with the sturdy case folded over into an easel for easy access. I keep a 10 pack in my nightstand to use with my gratitude journal. And I have a 5 pack to keep in my bag when I’m traveling.  The pens have an ergonomic triangular barrel for easy grip and relaxed writing.

Affordable Planner and Journal Treasures I Love 36

I’ve used these pens for marking my scriptures, adding borders to my journal, making my to-do lists stand out in my planner, and doodling while I’m taking notes. They were one of the first supplies I bought to go with my planner and I have continued to use them for almost everything. The best part is they don’t bleed through.

Pencil Bag

The last final goodie I love is this pencil bag. While my Staedtler pens all have their own case, all of my extras needed a home. I use highlighters to mark things I want to remember. My pencil for the ever-changing things on my calendar. And the little pockets hold extra stickers or sticky notes for those extra details you might want to add. This bag is a great way of keeping those loose items organized and in one place. It makes it even easier to find your essentials when you need them. It’s great for traveling or just to keep in your drawer. I especially love how the top slides down for easy viewing of the bag contents.

Affordable Planner and Journal Treasures I Love 37Affordable Planner and Journal Treasures I Love 38
Affordable Planner and Journal Treasures I Love 39


The last of my favorite planner and journal treasures are these magnetic bookmarks.  How often do you have pages you refer back to in your journal or planner.  Of course, you have your ribbon marker or one that clicks into your spiral, but what about the page with your passwords, or the one with all your important dates to remember? I love using these bookmarks to keep those important pages marked for a quick flip of the page. The possibilities are limitless!  They are also great for a quick inexpensive gift or stocking stuffer.

Affordable Planner and Journal Treasures I Love 40Affordable Planner and Journal Treasures I Love 41

So what do you think? What are some of your favorite planner and journal treasures? I’d love to hear about what you’ve tried — what has worked and helped you the most?

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Affordable Planner and Journal Treasures I Love

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6 thoughts on “Affordable Planner and Journal Treasures I Love”

  1. Flossie McCowald

    I have never even HEARD of adhesive cardstock! And I love the looks of that pencil case and those post-it’s!

    1. Yep! That adhesive card stock was a new one to me. It’s awesome for little spaces. You can cut and stick without worrying about glue sticks or any other adhesive. I’m glad you liked some of my journal and planner treasures!

  2. I love the adhesive card stock idea! Never heard of that before. I’m a huge fan of sticky notes, too, so that my planner can really be MINE. 🙂 Love these ideas. Thanks for sharing at #heartandsoullinkup

    1. Sounds like we share some of the same planner and journal treasures! I love being able to make my planner reflect who I am, too. Thanks, Jennifer!

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