7 Things All Kids are Entitled to

7 Things All Kids are Entitled to

Have you ever considered what all kids might be entitled to?

Years ago I visited the historic island of Alcatraz with my sister. From 1934-1963 it was used as a maximum-security federal prison. It was fascinating to see the actual cells where some of the most ruthless and notorious criminals had lived. As each prisoner arrived at the facility, they received a copy of Alcatraz’s rules and regulations. It is the only penitentiary I’ve ever visited, but the feeling was cold and eerie.

Upon finishing our tour, there was the usual gift shop to grab a memento of the visit. Typically we choose a magnet to add to our collection.  To my surprise, I found some of the rules and regulations on ready-to-buy magnets. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I saw this:

Alcatraz Regulation #5: “You are entitled to food, clothing, shelter, and medical attention. Anything else you get is a privilege.”

How often have you felt like reminding your kids of this very thing?


Entitlement is the attitude of children who think they can have, should have, and deserve whatever they want, whatever their friends have – and they should have it now, and not have to earn or give anything for it.” Richard and Linda Eyre

The world of entitlement easily sneaks into our homes. I’ve been thinking about the difference between a privilege and entitlement and how to determine what our family needs. What privileges will make the most difference in the long run? How do we create homes where our families will flourish because of their privileges rather than becoming entitled?

After a little bit of study and brainstorming, I’ve come up with seven privileges every child should be entitled to. As we create environments centered around these values, we are also improving our family’s ability to thrive and survive in today’s world.

1 | A Mother and Father who Love each other

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