30 Gift Ideas Making Christmas More Meaningful

While I was doing some research, I came across an old McCalls article from December 1959. I know, how could something written more than 50 years ago possibly have anything relevant about Christmas today? As it turns out their suggestions for making Christmas more meaningful seemed to be just what I needed.

Christmas not only represents the giving of gifts but a time to reflect as we approach a new year. As I reflect on what I’ve learned and how I can do better in the upcoming year, I’m reminded of our friend Rory who passed away several years ago. He lived a hard life and realized, maybe a bit too late, that true happiness was not on the path he had chosen. After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, he spent the time he had left trying to course correct. He was at peace when he finally left this life, knowing he had done all he could fix what he wished he had done differently.

If we were told we had a short time to live, we too might plead for more days of life in the name of things we should have done or done differently.” –Taylor G. Godoy

Making Christmas More Meaningful

As I look to find more meaning in Christmas, I think about how Rory brought more meaning to his life in the simple things he did. Finding ways to make Christmas more meaningful does not require us to buy elaborate gifts. The best gifts are usually the most simple, and only cost us a little change of heart.

At the close of yet another year, I’m looking for things I can change today so my tomorrows will look a little differently. Our Christmas traditions will be more significant if they translate into our heart’s intention.  I want my Christmas to be more than a list of stressful things to do. I want to make Christmas more meaningful this year — how about you?

Are you wondering what McCalls had on their list?  Here it is just in case you were wondering.

30 Meaningful Gift Ideas

  1. Mend a quarrel or relationship.
  2. Seek out a forgotten friend.
  3. Dismiss suspicion and replace it with trust.
  4. Write a love letter.
  5. Share a treasure.
  6. Give a soft answer.
  7. Encourage a struggling teen.
  8. Show your loyalty in what you say and do.
  9. Keep a promise.
  10. Find the time.
  11. Forgo a grudge.
  12. Forgive an enemy.
  13. Listen.
  14. Apologize if you were wrong.
  15. Try to understand.
  16. Flout envy.
  17. Examine your demands of others.
  18. Think of someone else first.
  19. Appreciate.
  20. Be kind and gentle.
  21. Laugh a little. Laugh a little more.
  22. Deserve confidence.
  23. Take up arms against malice.
  24. Decry complacency.
  25. Express your gratitude.
  26. Go to church.
  27. Be kind to a stranger.
  28. Gladden the heart of a child.
  29. Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth.
  30. Say “I love you.”  Say it again.

These are simple ideas in the broad scope of possibilities. I’m sure there’s not one new idea you haven’t thought or heard of before. But think about it. While we may not be able to measure the influence of any one of these gifts, their impact could have a profound effect on our lives.

Like a list of things you know you should do, but can’t quite find the time to make it happen. These gifts have greater potential at making us happy than any number of gifts under our tree. The reason they have such a powerful effect is because they change something deep inside of our soul, making us better and more Christ-like. And when it comes down to it, isn’t that what we are here to do? As you look for more meaning this year – think of my friend Rory and make the most of every moment you have. 

30 Gift Ideas Making Christmas More Meaningful

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30 Gift Ideas Making Christmas More Meaningful

30 Gift Ideas Making Christmas More Meaningful 1

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