Helping Hope Flourish and GrowThis spring my daughter and I decided to plant a flower garden. This was not to be just the typical garden filled with store-bought seedlings.  Rather, we wanted our garden to flourish with plants we had nurtured from seeds. Moving ahead with our vision, we purchased the little growing aquariums and seeds for a beautiful flower garden. We watered and placed them in the sunlight where they would feel the encouraging rays beat upon the soil and then kept a vigilant eye as the first signs of growth started to push its way through. This process of growth has caused me to reflect on hope.

The scriptures teach “faith is in things hoped for,” but what is hope? It’s one of those elusive concepts in the English language that are often difficult to articulate, yet hope seems to be enveloped with a sense of perceived understanding. How often have you said “I hope the [insert favorite team] win the super bowl this year” or “I hope the weather is good this weekend?” Is hope merely wishful thinking, “a verbal equivalent of keeping your fingers crossed,” or is it something more? I see hope as an attitude, a way of thinking. Yes, it is used to express our desired expectation for something to happen, but it also emanates …[read more]

Join me for my latest post via Helping Hope Flourish and Grow — Evolve!

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