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Jen and I have been friends for over 6 years.  We first clicked in an online English writing class while we were both completing our bachelor’s degree.  It has been a unique relationship in that we never met – face-to-face until about 2 years ago.  We have bonded over emails, texts, skype, and now our ventures in blogging.  Despite the 17 years that separate us in age, our perspectives have helped bring clarity to each other as we’ve dealt with various hurdles and obstacles of life. I have felt her pain as she dealt with the realities of her own infertility and wept with joy as her little miracle was born a year ago.

Today she shares some of the great insights from her journey. Whether you’re struggling with your own infertility or know someone who is – Jen’s message has something for everyone.  You can read her post on the Midday Mornings link below.

Listen Up! Alrighty, friends. To honor National Infertility Awareness Week I want you to listen – no, really listen. I don’t speak for all, but I speak for some, and what I have to say is important. If you know anything about me via this blog, it’s that we have a huge age gap between…

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