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Today I’m Guest Blogging for Krista Palo at Evolve! Live.Grow.Give.

Love the Path You’re On!

Have you ever thought about the words delight, pleasure, and bliss? Do they describe the way you feel about your life and the direction it’s going? For years I was so caught up with what the next phase of life was that I missed out on where I was at. “I will be happy when…”  Ever said that to yourself?

Author and Analyst James Oppenheim said “The Foolish man seeks happiness in the distance. The wise grows it under his feet.” Finding happiness and joy in the journey is as important if not more rewarding than the actual destination. With a little bit of perspective, practice, and patience we can all learn to love the path we are on – to find joy today, where we are instead of where someone else might be.

To see where I’m going with this post, I hope you’ll take a moment to follow me with one simple click over to Evolve: Live. Grow. Give.

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