Change and growth are never easy.  My experiences in tandem biking and learning to ride solo have taught me some interesting things about myself.  I may not be biking on a trail, but I’m riding through life gaining speed and confidence in my own abilities. When it comes to change – if it’s not my idea – it’s easy for me to be reluctant. I’m really good and digging in my heels and pushing back. It’s a natural response because it’s more comfortable to avoid change.

Not many of us seek opportunities to be uncomfortable.  But maybe we should. I believe it is part of our self-preservation – put the blinders on to avoid taking a deep look at what might actually be holding us back.

Have you ever considered how your reluctance might be a barrier to your growth?

Last week I wrote about my heart condition, this week on Evolve! I go into a little more depth about my reluctance to grow.

Read more via  Why Pushing Outside of My Comfort Zone is Essential — Evolve!

Lori Jackson

Owner, Curator, and Author at Choosing Wisdom
I’m a wife, mother, friend, and storyteller. I have a love for learning, giggling with my grandson and tandem biking with my husband. I believe wisdom goes beyond being smart or having basic knowledge. It is the culmination of experiences that help us become. While each of our challenges may be unique, we have the opportunity to choose how we will react, learn and grow. My journey has taught me that I don’t have all the answers, but I do have a voice to share what I’ve learned. Life can either teach us or defeat us – the choice is ours.

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